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I'm all about technology

About Me

I provide technology solutions for the home or office.
Whether it’s computer systems, software development, networking,
security systems or smart home/office solutions,
you name it, and I’ll take care of it.


I’ve worked in the Entertainment Business for over 20 years as a digital artist, supervisor, manager and technical director.  Throughout that time my work has been featured in over 40 major motion picture films, commercials and episodic television.  As an artist and technical director I was in a unique position to both create content and the tools/structure necessary to bring creative content to the screen.  To further my skills two years ago, I went back to school (while working full time) to get my second bachelor’s degree.  This time, it was in Computer Science.  In addition to my two degrees (B.A. and B.S.), I have extensive experience in networking/IT services, security systems, software development, Linux/Unix, OSX, IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac Operating Systems.

Beyond technology, I also have experience in marketing, UI/UX design, social media product management, and product development.

I’m now using those skills and experience to help my customers with their technology needs.

Have a need?  Give me a call!  No operators, no call centers, just direct access to me.